Our approach

We’re driven by a desire to achieve a standard we call ‘Inspiring Simplicity’. We’ve developed a four-stage process to help us achieve this.

Our ‘Brand Helix’ workshop identifies the strands of your Brand’s DNA – your role, your process, your values and your differentiation. We then study the category in which you compete and understand the clients whose loyalty you want to enspire.

We generate insights and ideas that form the basis of a differentiating Consumer Value Proposition and establish a ‘tone of voice’ that both suits your brand and reflects the values and attitudes of your target audience.

We design a unique, meaningful and consistent aesthetic style for your brand – logo, typography, layout, imagery and color palette. We then apply it to all collateral materials in all media to ensure your communication is salient and memorable.

We use the inherent drama of your brand to develop cut-through communication. Our creative thinking is always driven by strategy. As in all good movies, the story is more important than the special effects and it’s the story of your brand that must linger in the hearts and minds of your audience.